The Brew

Wake & Wag

~light roast

Wake & Wag is a light roast, giving it a buttery body with a mild, delicate flavour.  Our Single Origin Mexican is grown in the heart of Sierra Madre, where the beans are farmed and harvested by a Fair Trade Organic certified co-op called Productores de café de Motozintla.

Black Dog Espresso

~medium roast

True to its name, Black Dog Espresso is a rich Medium brew that will surely please your tastebuds. A blend of Central, South American and Ethiopian coffees roasted to produce a caramelly sweet flavour. Delicious in espresso-based beverages or as your daily cup-a-joe. 

Go Fetch!

~medium/dark roast

Go Fetch! is a medium/dark roast, giving it a smooth, subtle flavour with a spicy finish.This Single Origin Peruvian is grown in the mountainous region of Cajamarca. The farmers who grow this premium coffee are part of a co-op that unites over 1,000 farmers alike. The objective is to help the communities and their families develop and progress, while ensuring the protection of the environment by maintaining the Organic and Fair Trade certifications. 

Bark & Bite

~very dark roast

A blend of Organically grown Mexican and Peruvian coffees, this roast is sure to please to BOLD and DARING coffee drinker! Bark & Bite is dark and deep with a robust mouthfeel and includes tasting notes of roasted nuts and cigar smoke. 

Downward Dog Decaf

~medium dark roast

Our decaf is Swiss Water® Process, meaning the caffein was removed by a gentle, 100% chemical free process. Downward Dog Decaf is a Single Origin Peruvian, and roasted to a medium dark. This beautiful coffee has subtle sweetness and a smooth, creamy finish.