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Rescue Coffee Sugar Scrubs | 8oz

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Our exquisite all natural coffee scrub is a delightful fusion of our local coffee grounds, freshly ground right before use to capture a strong and captivating coffee aroma. 

This blend is enriched with our coffee grounds, coconut oil, raw sugar, rosehip oil, and vitamin e to provide a nourishing and rejuvenating skincare experience.

Key Benefits:

  • Coffee Grounds: Known for their powerful benefits, such as helping to reduce the appearance of cellulite, soothe after-sun skin, and provide anti-inflammatory properties. They're also loaded with vitamin B-3, which helps fight off free radicals, promoting healthier skin.
  • Coconut Oil: This natural moisturizer is packed with antibacterial properties that help keep your skin clean and free of harmful bacteria, preventing breakouts and other skin issues.
  • Rosehip Oil: is high in essential fatty acids like omega-3 and omega-6, which help repair and regenerate damaged skin tissues, promoting healthier skin
  • All Natural Scrub: We use only the highest-quality essential oils to keep our scrubs chemical free. 

Treat your skin to this luxurious blend and experience the transformative benefits of nature’s finest ingredients. Your skin will thank you!

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Rescue Coffee Sugar Scrubs | 8oz
Rescue Coffee Sugar Scrubs | 8oz
Rescue Coffee Sugar Scrubs | 8oz
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  • Fair-Trade

  • Organic

  • Helping Animals in Need Always!


One of my favourite features of this mug is its exceptional heat retention. Whether you prefer your coffee piping hot or just warm, the traveller mug keeps your beverage at the perfect temperature for hours. This makes it ideal for long commutes, travel, or busy days at the office.

The lid is also secure and leak-proof, preventing any spills or accidents while you’re on the move.

Cleaning the mug is also a breeze. The wide mouth and simple design allow for easy access, making it simple to hand wash for a thorough cleaning.

Olivia & Addie (@itsaddietheaussie)

Our favourite go-to bean is Go Fetch!, a medium-dark roast with hints of spice and dark fruit. Intentional shopping with Rescue Coffee is important to us - shopping local, supporting the female entrepreneurial spirit, coffee roasted in the Maritimes, and 10% of profits go to local animal rescue organizations. Does your coffee do all of that?!


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